2021 International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Computer Science
Assoc. Prof. Michael Opoku Agyeman


Assoc. Prof. Michael Opoku Agyeman

University of Northampton, UK


Asking for “Moore”: Stretching the Performance of Hybrid NoCs Beyond the Limitations of Network Heterogeneity for Emerging SoC Design


To meet the performance and scalability demands of the fast-paced technological growth towards exascale and Big-Data processing with the performance bottleneck of conventional metal based interconnects (wireline), alternative interconnect fabrics such as inhomogeneous three-dimensional integrated Network-on-Chip (3D NoC) and hybrid wired-wireless Network-on-Chip (WiNoC) have emanated as a cost-effective solution for emerging System-on-Chip (SoC) design. However, these interconnects trade-off optimized performance for cost by restricting the number of area and power-hungry 3D routers and wireless nodes. Moreover, the non-uniform distributed traffic in chip multiprocessor (CMP) demands an on-chip communication infrastructure which can avoid congestion under high traffic conditions while possessing minimal pipeline delay at low-load conditions. To this end, in this talk, we explore a low-latency and low-complexity mechanism to alleviate the performance degradation due to the slow 2D routers in such emerging hybrid NoCs. A mechanism that incorporates a router that transmits flit using dimension-ordered routing (DoR) in the bypass datapath at low-loads will be explored. Also, hybrid NoCs such as 3D NoCs, Wireless NoC (WiNoCs), Surgace wave WiNoCs will be explored to identify innovations and potential opportunities towards the continuity of advancing multicore technology for Emerging Computer Architectures.


Dr. Michael Opoku Agyeman is an Associate Professor and Programme Leader of Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Northampton (UoN), UK. He is Chartered Engineer (CEng) of the IET, Chartered Manager (CMgr) of  CMI and a Fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK). Michael represents the research community of UoN at the University Senate. He is the Postgraduate Research (PGR) Lead for the Faculty of Arts Science and Technology and Technology and the University’s Chairs PGR Supervisory Forum.  Michael has over 10 years of experience in Embedded Systems Design.

Michael is the 2018/19 Elected Senate representative for academic staff from the Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology (FAST) at the University of Northampton. Previously, he was with Intel Embedded System Research group of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) as a Research Fellow, where he worked on reliable wireless Network-on-Chip solutions. He is the author of 5 books, 2 book chapters and over 70 publications in major journals and conference proceedings. Michael has won 2 best papers and 1 best paper in poster session at reputable international conference. Michael’s research interest spans across 3 main strands and disciplines:  1. High Performance Computing; 2. Business Administration (Neuromarketing, advertising and marketing research) and; 3. Pedagogy

He has been a Guest Editor of the EAI Endorsed Transactions on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems. He is a technical committee member of over 10 conferences such as IEEE ICCSN, IEEE ICBDA and IEEE ICCT. He is also a reviewer of several conferences and journals including IEEE TVLSI and TCAD. He is the first winner of the Diamond Early Career Research Award at the University of Northampton in 2019. He is also the winner of the University of Northampton’s 2018 International Changemaker of the year award.