2021 International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Computer Science
Prof. Costin Bădică


Costin Bădică.png

Prof. Costin Bădică

University of Craiova, Romania


The research interests of Prof. Costin Bădică are at the intersection of artificial intelligence, distributed multi-agent systems and software engineering. Prof. Costin Bădică obtained results in the following areas: i) formal representations applied in software engineering, e-business, business processes, swarm computing; ii) distributed multi-agent systems, platforms and languages in e-business, disaster management, automated negotiation, dynamic systems; iii) formal reasoning including rule-bases systems, logic programming, constraints and ontologies applied to Web, e-business, combinatorial optimization; iv) machine learning applied to sentiment analysis, information extraction and requirements engineering. The researches of Prof. Costin Bădică are at the border of foundations and applications.

Prof. Costin Bădică published many research papers in journals and conference proceedings. His papers obtained many citations, thus providing him a Hirsch index of 22 according to Google Scholar. He managed as director or partner director many national and international research projects in ICT focusing on applications of artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems. He delivered many invited talks and tutorials at universities and conferences in UK, France, Poland, South Korea, Morocco, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, India and South Africa. He co-initiated the “Intelligent Distributed Computing – IDC” series of international conferences, now at the 14-th edition. He co-organized many conferences as conference chair. As recognition of his notable contributions in engineering, Prof. Costin Bădică received “Certificate of Achievement” at the 20-th anniversary of IEEE Romanian Section in 2011.